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1. When do the classes start in the fall and how long does the season go for?


Classes start in September the day after labor day. They run with the school year. Sept-end of May, 9 months.


2. Do you pay per month/session/class?


Our options for payment are:

Monthly- in person(cash, check, or credit card) Monthly automatic payment on the 1st or the 15th (auto credit card or auto bank/savings) Yearly (9 month payment) with a 5% discount


3. What is the cost?


Registration fee at the beginning of every year is $20 (or $30 for a family) Average cost of tuition is $51 a month, for 1 hour a week.


4. Do you have any discounts?


We have multi class and multi student tuition discounts.

10% off the second student, 15% off each additional student 10% off the second class, 15% off each additional class


5. When does registration start?


We start our registration the end of April, for the following dance season. We will have the date on our website about mid April.


6. When do you have vacation or holiday breaks?


We take the same major breaks as the Duluth, School do:

Thanksgiving break - November

Winter (xmas) Break - End of December

Winter Recess - usually end of February

Spring Recess- usually beginning of April


Additional holiday breaks, such as Halloween, Presidents day, Martin Luther King day, Memorial day, etc.  depend on the year and are listed on our calendar.  Most likely, holidays that fall on a Monday we will have class, to ensure we make 4 classes per month.


7. What are the additional fee's?


*Registration fee, at the beginning of the year: $20 for one student or $30 for a family.

*Costume fee's for the recital- each class will have one costume (about $45-$100) *Christmas City of the North (optional)- The fee includes dance lessons, sweatshirt cost, Bus cost and varies from year to year: about $40- $85.

*Recital fee, this is for our year end recital and includes 5 general seating tickets: $60 *Other fees would include: dance tights, dance shoes, prop fees, etc.


Competition Team fee's:

*The above listed fees (costume fee would be a total of 2 or 3 costumes) *Competition Fee's: We attend 2 to 3 competitions a year, one of them in the twin cities. Average fee is $38 a dance (2 competitions x 3 dances = average $250) *Other fees would include: hotel, studio rental, etc.v

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